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Executive Coach

As an accredited Executive Coach, I coach managers, executives and professionals especially in difficult moments of change in their organisations and in challenging situations at their workplaces.

My experiences as a manager of development projects, as a coach and as a change manager have made me aware of the amount of courage it takes, as a person and a professional, to stay true to yourself. My experiences have also taught me how to assess a situation and all its possibilities and to trust in yourself in these moments of change.

Advice and Change Management

As a change manager and consultant I am often involved with long term organisational change projects. My way of working reflects my substantive knowledge of orchestrating change as well as my experience with coaching professionals and professional teams.

My interests lie in understanding how organisations operate and how professionals and managers deal with crucial moments of organisational change, something that often includes individual change as well. Together with all the stakeholders I visualize the important factors at stake. Then we interpret the meaning and consequences of the organizational change. Subsequently, we create a concrete plan to achieve the desired and most optimal results and translate it to the activities of daily practice.

Facilitating management teams and working conferences

I lead working conferences for professional teams of management and managers responsible for organisational development in and outside of their organisations. Content, processes and team collaboration are part of those sessions.

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About me

Ellis Oudendijk

Development and change

When the environment, the circumstances, the organisation and therefore the working relations are changing, new questions arise. Especially in these difficult moments of change and conflict, I advise and support organisations, teams and professionals by using process management and organisational coaching methods.

My aim is to understand the interaction between our environment, organisational structures and the ways in which professionals develop and understand themselves. I search for the meaning behind interactions and the ways in which we adapt ourselves to our environment. In doing so, I prefer to work with the stakeholders and explore the consequences of organisational change on collaboration, operation and (personal) leadership.

What interests me in specific is the question of how we deal with responsibility, power, leadership in challenging situations and, how we combine this with the organisational right to exist, our personal values and competences.

Other questions that may arise during organisational change are: How do you stay true to yourself, as an organisation and a professional; having or wanting to take action even when you are unsure. What is the current status, what does your environment require of you, how are you going to make it happen, who do you connect with and when is it time to do things by yourself?

Personal style

My clients characterize me as a person who asks the right questions, resonates on and enhances possibilities, and who holds on to the general outlines. I also work from a feeling of trust, multiplicity and connection.
The relationships I have with my clients are mostly long term relationships. As a coach, I am mainly focused on the unique personal contribution of an individual to the bigger picture and on using one’s own strength in a changing organisation.

I am known for my ability to explore and explain the meaning of situations in a non-judgemental manner. Clients appreciate my understanding of their working situation and my way of sharing insights. Furthermore, for me, it is an important matter of course to translate the insights to daily practice, because only then, the insights will have significant value.

Background and education

In 1998 I have started my career as an entrepreneur. During the first couple of years I was mainly a change manager and advisor and from 2008 onward I became more of a personal and organisational coach and process manager.

I strongly believe that it is necessary for leaders and professionals, who have the responsibility to execute plans, to know what is important in a specific situation. My advice for them is to create their own personal way of realizing change and to make it fit to their organisation or situation. I use my experience and knowledge to support them in this process.
It is important for me to support my practical experiences with theoretical knowledge.

That is why I have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management (Hogeschool Amsterdam, 1989), a Master’s degree in Change Management (MCM/SIOO-Utrecht, NL, 1998), the Postgraduate Executive Coaching course (PGO-EC/VU/Ashridge, 2011) and as of 2015, I am accredited as an Executive Coach by Ashridge (Ashridge Business School London, 2015).

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References and clients

I work as Executive Coach and an Organisational Coach for corporations as well as in governmental organizations. At the organizations of my clients, I have taken on various roles in prolonged periods of time.

I am especially familiar with the following markets and sectors

  • Universities
  • Water management
  • Municipalities including de Dutch association of Municipalities
  • Law-, IT and Financial consultancy
  • Education and Childcare
  • Healthcare organisations

I am a coach pool member of the following organisations:

  • The University of Wageningen
  • De Council of the Judiciary
  • Deloitte

Supervisory roles

  • 2014 – today Supervisory board member of ‘Rosa Manus’ women’s shelter Leiden.
    member of the commission of Audit and also member of the commission of quality.
  • 2001 – 2005 Commissary It Cares, IT consultancy firm in healthcare
  • 1994 – 1995 Board member of Host parent centre Zaanstreek/Waterland

Check my LinkedIn page for up-to-date information.

At request, I am pleased to send you my CV including a complete overview of my projects and clients.

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Terms and conditions

As Executive Coach I operate according to Ashridge’s Code of Conduct for Coaches.

Download the Ashridge Code of Conduct.

The brand name of Ellis Oudendijk is ‘Ellis Oudendijk Veranderingsmanagement’ (referred to as EOV hereafter). The following Terms and Conditions apply to all projects and assignments carried out by EOV. Terms and Conditions of EOV

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